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Sleepy Lexx


“Heatstroke” marks Sleepy Lexx’s first official project. With no features, the album is an opportunity for the fans to curate the unique sound Sleepy Lexx naturally produces. This project debut will consist of a profusion of quote filled lyrics, head boppers and eyes openers. It is a guaranteed that upon this release the world will never be the same. Stay tuned……


Born August 20th, 1997 Darrius McKenzie first know by his artist name Sleepy Lexx, is a Bahamian rapper, singer and songwriter who has evolved into one of the greatest artist in his home country, The Bahamas. Sleepy Lexx grew up in the Bahamas with his father was a local music legend D-Mac, therefore his childhood was heavily influenced by music. Sleepy Lexx first emerged on the hip-hop scene in 2016, hailing from the islands, he quickly gained notoriety amongst the country’s population with passionate melodies paired with a raspy cadence that has seemingly transformed into a hit formula for the rising star.

This unique style has caused him to resonate with audiences as a labyrinth of an artist resulting in the heavily anticipated release of his first set of full length project, the “Heatstroke” mixtape debut said to consist of a stream of head-bopping, quote filled lyrics. Sleepy Lexx is the only one of his kind and 2020 is going to be a big year for him. His music probity is what separates him from everyone else. His understanding and acquiescence of this fact is what fuels his drive.