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About Korts

Trap soul singer and songwriter Kortney Hause is set to bring a contemporary soulful R&B sound to a global demographic that we have long been missing.

Releasing his first song “Worth it” in 2020, Kortney donated the proceeds to the NHS showing support under the current pandemic, teaches us that music is a way of healing and bringing people together. With the success of this song and newly signing to 4040 records Kortney is working on his new project form 2021.

As a young boy he discovered his multifaceted, beautifully toned voice singing in the school choir and shows. However his love and skill for football also grew, becoming his main passion and singing a therapy in his time away from football. Now in this new year he is dedicated to his Music and due to release more, given us elements of Trap Hip-Hop together with the melodies of R&B and Soul.

Multi-talented Kortney also produces his songs giving us the blend of Trey Songz soul and the wave of rapper Gunna, who are his two inspirations. This sound is unique amongst the rest of the UK scene and is set to have an impact on a global scale.