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“Prayer Freestyle” marks Ithinkthatsrio’s first official project. With no features, the album is an opportunity for the fans to curate the unique sound Ithinkthatsrio naturally produces. This project debut will consist of a profusion of quote filled lyrics, head boppers and eyes openers. It is a guaranteed that upon this release the world will never be the same. Stay tuned……

ABOUT Ithinkthatsrio

IThinkThatsRio born as Rio Tarrik Duncan Hause is the newest wave to come out of the UK. A rapper, singer & songwriter set to bring us out of this world visuals and a diverse sound.

The name comes from Rio’s deep thinker concept that “you could never fully know yourself just like people could never fully know me”. The eye tattoo on his face symbolises his belief in the third eye. he believes life beyond the normal limitations.

Signed to 4040 records also knows as 40 Days 40 nights is a label name that truly defines the time and gritty work effort Rio put in his passion & studio sessions, whilst working directly with his music producer and engineer to unlock styles and flows within as he grows as an Artist.

Rio comes from a musically talented family, Idolising his brothers talent for singing whilst watching them at school performances. Rio would say the likes of world famous Michael Jackson, Lil Peep, Juice Wrld and Lil Uzi Vert have been major influences on his career. Rio has professionally concentrated on finding him self with in his music and comfort with his style.

Dropping “Prayer Freestyle” in November 2020, was a teaser of his melodic rap sound yet as an ever evolving artist who enjoying all genres, Rio is due to bring a number of unique sounds to the music scene in 2021. Set to be a musical star and fashion icon.